Spring Semester 2024

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2/19 (Mon), 2/21 (Wed), 2/23 (Fri)   daily 09:00-03:00
2/24 (Sat)   09:00-12:00
2/26 (Mon), 2/28 (Wed), 3/1(Fri)   daily 09:00-03:00
3/2 (Sat)   09:00-18:00
3/3 (Sun) 15:00 - 3/4 (Mon) 08:00 Course Drop only

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Undergraduate Academic Affairs Section,
Office of Academic Affairs
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Graduate Academic Affairs Section (02)33662388 Ext.s 402,403,408-412,415,416
Registration, College of Medicine (02)23123456 Ext.s 288024,288025,288027